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We believe and endorse the idea of ‘Health is Beauty’

Today, health is not just about your physical well being but also mental and spiritual well being. “Beauty” and “Health” – the words which were considered mere terms for a person’s outer well being have now become concepts of overall happiness, compassion, love and everything human! – Mind, Body and Soul. It’s time we nourish both our inner and outer health, to be truly beautiful.

We aim to build a global community that follows a lifestyle defined by Ayurvedic principles, by offering recipes and resources derived from Sanskrit texts and knowledge in Vedas to suit our modern needs. We don’t just pack you a bottle of exotic herbal ingredients – we send you a mixture made out of love, care and most importantly, prayers. Thank you for being a part of the Amrutam Family.

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Amrutam Global is a platform curated by Team Amrutam to help bridge the gap between the individuals who are seeking for Ayurvedic guidance and the experts.

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Did you know you can request us to pick up 10 or more Amrutam PET bottles and jars and we will have them picked from your address and process these bottles to re-use.


Learn about Ayurveda and Healthy lifestyle, get behind-the-scenes of Amrutam contributors, follow the journey of rediscovering Ayurveda and yoga with experts, dive into the lives of some inspiring women with Amrutam Nari Segment. Something for everyone.

Rediscovering Self with Amrutam

a podcast that focuses on Mental Health & Wellness. Season 1 of this podcast will essentially address the daily ramblings of the mind, seeking answers to questions that have – at some point or another – turned up in our thoughts. Click below to listen to it now! Share it with your friends and tag @amrutamofficial on social media with #AmrutamSelfLove ?

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